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Skyline Messenger Service, Inc. was founded in 1982 as Atlanta Courier Systems; A big name for three childhood friends and their personal pickup trucks and cars. John Grainger, Dave Weikers, and Craig McCann started out by providing ground transportation in Atlanta for the interstate banking system, and, exclusively through word-of-mouth, became the pickup and delivery agent of choice for a multitude of courier companies across the nation. John and Dave incorporated under the Skyline moniker in 1985 and began to grow a company through trial and error; arguably the best teachers.

The underlying principles of this endeavor were, and still remain, keep service levels high, and keep employee turnover low. More than thirty years down the road, the service continues to impress and the average tenure of Skyline's employees is 13.7 years!

The willingness to build its services around the individual customer's need has created an attitude of flexibility at Skyline. No two customers' are likely to have identical needs, and our continued success has come through providing each customer with service tailored to their specifications, not ours.

Through the years, varied transportation and logistics services have been added, including routed courier, pharmaceutical distribution, perishable air cargo handling, bio-medical services, warehousing, and expedited trucking. In 2013, Skyline added home delivery to its lineup and daily services began across Georgia.
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